April 2021

Event dates, usability improvements, bug fixes

Event dates, usability improvements, and bug fixes

This update includes a bunch of usability, polish, and bug fixes:

  • You can now set the event date, making it easier to organize events.
  • You can now copy the floor plan of an event to a new event, making it easier to reuse the same venue. Find it on the edit event page.
  • Made it easier to place floor items on top of other items, instead of unintentionally editing the tapped item
  • Increased the size of the editing panel to take advantage of larger screens
  • Added a feedback form to settings so you can send us any kind of suggestions or requests
  • Added an option to provide an email address when sending feedback
  • Made it easier to tap floor items, especially rotated ones
  • Fixed a bug that made it was difficult to move around rotated floor items
  • Fixed a bug where rotated floor items could unintentionally overlap with the boundary of the venue
  • Fixed a bug where the app could sometimes crash when opening on a smaller device screen
  • Fixed a bug where the app could sometimes crash while resizing the venue
  • Resetting your event to defaults will no longer remove the task list