Seat Puzzle Help Topics

How to place items on your floor plan using the library How to add guests How to make a menu and add meals How to manage guest list attendance How to copy a floor item How to create a PDF of your event How to edit your floor color and size How to color-code guest parties How to import a guest list from a CSV file How to group guests into parties of 2 or more people How to use the guest report and export a guest spreadsheet How to resize a floor item How to rotate a floor item How to seat guests at tables How to share your event as a PDF or image How to use table styles and customize the number of seats on each side of a table How to place multiple items at the same time with bulk mode How to add custom floor items from a photo How to add a Lock Screen or Home Screen Widget How to edit multiple items at once How to seat multiple guests at the same time and other bulk updates How to make a copy of an event or template How to work together on an event floor plan with someone else How to reuse floor plans with Templates How to organize your guest list by seating, guest parties, or without grouping How to reset an event How to use a photo as your venue background How to cancel your membership or subscription How to troubleshoot issues with your membership How to transfer your account to a new device