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How to use table styles and customize the number of seats on each side of a table

Table Styles

Tables support several shapes and styles.

Rectangle tables let you change width and height independently. Round and Square tables maintain a 1:1 aspect ratio.

For Rectangle, Round, and Square tables, seats are distributed clockwise around the table automatically. Seats are spaced and fitted appropriately according to the length of the side.

For more flexibility, use the Custom style to specify the exact number of seats you want on each side of a table. For example, you can have a table with seats only on one side, or just on the left and top sides.

Custom / Fixed Seating Layouts

Tables support a fixed style for seating arrangements. This allows you to specify exactly how many seats go on each side of the page.

For example, you can have a table with guests seated on only one side, a table where guests sit across from each other, or a table that you put against a wall with seats on three seats.


walkthrough of changing table styles and seating configuration

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