Seat Puzzle for Mac

Plan like a Pro with Seat Puzzle with Seat Puzzle for your Mac.

All of the same great features from iPhone and iPad are available on the big screen, and optimized for use with a trackpad, mouse, and keyboard.

Create floor plans for weddings, receptions, events, conferences, and parties. Easily organize your space, design a seating chart, manage the guest list, and keep track of RSVPs. Plan the perfect event.

Seat Puzzle for Mac floor plan

From our customers

Keeps Getting Better!!! ★★★★★
“I have been using this app as an event planner for over 2 years! It just keeps getting better. I am able to showcase a floor plan to my team and clients - which helps with letting them see the vision to come to life. Thanks for upgrading this app with more and more quality content!!!”
Best I found! ★★★★★
“Being a Coordinator, you want to present your clients with mock ups and floor designs. This app helps to lay the foundation so we have something to go off of! I love it!”
Great App for Events Floor Plans ★★★★★
“I was looking for an app to layout my daughter’s wedding reception to see if the tables would fit the venue. Seat Puzzle is free in it’s simplest form, but exactly what I needed! Anyone wishing to see a layout to scale, this is your app. You can even label the tables and add your guest list to make your seating assignments.”

Features include

  • Place tables and seats, the dance floor, the DJ Booth, and a ton more!
  • Build the guest list and keep track of RSVPs.
  • Keep track of your task list and remaining todos. Check things off as you plan.
  • List the menu and see a breakdown of who ordered what.
  • Includes audio / video and conference items for corporate events.
  • Import a guest list.
  • Link guests together so that guests always sit with their plus-ones.
  • Build a floor plan up to 180 ft by 180 ft. Supports metric system.
  • Share a render of your floor plans with your clients, event planner, wedding coordinator, or significant other.
  • Includes gardens, trees, plants, swimming pools, fireplaces, and more for your outdoor events.
  • Print your floor plan or post it to social media.
  • Works 100% offline.
  • Automatically syncs with iCloud across all your devices.
  • Create and manage unlimited events.
  • Use our Help Center for tutorials and FAQs.
  • Includes pews, aisles, flowers, arches for ceremonies and even more types of events.
  • Create event venues with multiple rooms.

Seat Puzzle is designed for iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

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