Guest RSVP Cards to organize Meals and Preferences

Build your RSVP Cards to keep track of all of the questions you’d like your guests to answer. Everything from if they are bringing that +1, their meal selection, that one must-have song request, or what they’ll want for dessert.

Fill out the RSVP for each of your guests.

Fill out the RSVP Card for each guest with attendance, special notes, and whatever else you’d like to ask.

+1s are organized together so you can easily fill out parties at the same time. Of course, +1s might not be able to attend, or have different preferences from the main guest.

Update your guests one-by-one as the RSVP Cards come in the mail.

Example of the guest report focusing on RSVP responses where you can find breakdowns of how many people selected which options from your RSVP cards.

In the Guest Report, find a breakdown of your RSVP selections. See which guests selected which meals or other categories you’ve asked about on your RSVPs.

Tap any list to see which guests picked what, or who you still need to reach out to about your RSVP.

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