Wedding Planning Features

Seat Puzzle provides a wide assortment of tools to plan your wedding or other kind of event. People use Seat Puzzle to plan everything from baby showers to conferences. It's easy to get started - and you only have use what you need.

Explore all of what Seat Puzzle has to offer below.

And more...

  • Drag and drop guests from your guest list and swap between seats.
  • Add your own custom objects to place on your floor plan.
  • Our seating chart wedding generator is great for any kind of event.
  • Work 100% offline so you can work from anywhere.
  • Syncs your work automatically across your phone, iPad, and Mac with iCloud.
  • Countdown and summary widgets to get excited for your big day and see at-a-glance details from your Home Screen.
  • Use our Help Center to learn as you go or brush up on advanced features.