Meals and the Guest Report

Track RSVP details like meals, attendance, and +1s. Use the guest report to categorize your guests according to seating, tags, and preferences.

Your guest list shows a preview of all of your guests including what group they are a part of, if they are attending, and tags like VIP, child, and accessibility needs.

On each table you can see guest details including the assigned meals.

Tap a guest to quickly edit their info or assign a new guest to the seat.

Example of the guest report where you can find breakdowns of how many people fall into different groups, e.g. seating, meals, attending, tags.

The Guest Report gives you a breakdown of your guest list across a number of categories.

See at a glance how many guest are attending, who is seated or still needs a seat, your VIPs, Adults, and meals.

Tap any list to see which guests need attention or more details filled out.

Meal summaries

Summarize how many people requested each meal option and drill down to find out who still needs to RSVP.

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