Item Library

Seat Puzzle's content library has items for so many kinds of events. Design your ceremony, reception, after-party, social event, field day, and more. And when something is missing, you can upload your own images right in the app.

Items for parties include the dance floor, bar, band, piano, stairs, drinking fountains, lights, wedding cake, and more.

Library items for parties, the dance floor, bar, band, piano

Preview these items for ceremonies: pews, aisles, flowers, arches, and more.

Library items for ceremonies

Includes gardens, trees, plants, swimming pools, fireplaces, tents, picnic tables, and more for your outdoor events.

Library items for nature, ourdoors, tents

Items for everything else: gym and fitness, sports, computers and networking, conferences, doors, holidays, lighting, etc.

Library items for everything else: gym, fitness, sports, computers, networking, conferences, doors, holidays, lighting
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