All About Your Guest List

Add your guests to Seat Puzzle and stay on top of your guest list with powerful RSVP and organization features. Start from importing your spreadsheet or add guests one-by-one.

Your guest list shows a preview of all of your guests including what group they are a part of, if they are attending, and tags like VIP, child, and accessibility needs.

Your guest list is where you find all of your guests, with details like what group they are a part of, attendance, and tags like VIP, child, and accessibility needs.

Organize your guests by where they are sitting or their friend group, or no grouping at all.

Select guests and perform bulk actions like marking all as attending or seat at the same table.

Example of the guest form where you can add info about each guest like name, tags, meals, notes, table, and party.

Build your guest list one guest at a time, or use placeholder guests to focus on the floor plan.

Name your guests and mark them as VIP, Child, or Accessibility needs.

Say how many +1s each guest gets, or none at all. Form and name parties.

Seat your guest, take attendance, and record RSVP meal details and notes for everyone in the party.

Example of the attendance editor to quickly mark each guest as attending or not.

Take attendance all in one place.

Quickly mark each guest's attendance and see the total breakdown.

Example of importing a spreadsheet to your guest list.

Import your guest spreadsheet or CSV file to add all of your guests at once.

Just match each of the fields between your list and Seat Puzzle.

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