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How to group guests into parties of 2 or more people

Guests are often invited to bring a plus-one to an event, or are part of a bigger group of 3 or more people attending your event together.

Seat Puzzle supports Guests Parties that let you organize your guest list by who is coming with who.

Add an unnamed plus one to a guest

  1. Add a new guest or edit an existing guest.
  2. Use the “Change Party” option to view the party builder.
  3. Use the “Create a new party” option to form a new group with this guest and anyone else you want to add.
  4. Guests in the same party can be edited together, so you can update seating, attendance, or meals all from the same form.
  5. Save your guest.


Demo of grouping a guest with an unnamed plus one

Group into bigger party with other guests

Instead of unnamed guests, this example shows how to add multiple real guests together into the same party.

You can give your party a name and color to help organize these guests in your guest list.


Demo of grouping a guest into a larger group with other guests

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