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How to reuse floor plans with Templates

Floor Plan Templates

Floor plan templates allow you to define your floor plan upfront and then reuse it across different events. For example, you might host several repeating events that use the same physical space with different table configurations.

Templates are just like events. Place items and customize the floor plan. You can duplicate templates. (There‘s no guest list or todo list)

Creating a Template Demo

Templates can be found in a tab on the home page. Create a new template, or duplicate an existing template using the context menu.


Demo of setting up a new floor plan template

Using a Template Demo

When starting a new event, you‘ll have the option to base the event on an existing template during setup. Selecting a template will apply that floor plan shape, size, colors, and items to your new event.

Note: Modifying your event won‘t affect the associated template.


Demo of setting up a new event based on an existing template.

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