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How to troubleshoot issues with your membership

Your membership account

Seat Puzzle membership is based on an Apple App Store subscription. Any iPhone, iPad, or Mac with the same App Store account will use the same membership.

The first place to check for membership issues is your App Store subscription: Here you can confirm your subscription is active, has not expired, and the next renewal date.

New device

Your membership should be automatically detected when you use Seat Puzzle on a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac as long as it uses the same App Store account where you have an active subscription.

Missing membership

If you change App Store accounts on your device, Seat Puzzle will be unable to find your membership.

If your App Store settings says you have an active subscription but Seat Puzzle cannot find it, you might have to restore your purchase into Seat Puzzle. Within the Seat Puzzle app, go to “Settings”, then “Membership”, then use the “Restore Purchases” button.

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