November 2022

Bulk Guest list Actions, Guest Parties, and Seating Improvements

Release notes


  • Guests can now be seated at standalone chair and highboy items in addition to regular tables. We‘ve also added a new standalone theater-style chair to the library.
  • Guests can be dragged from seats to other items that accept guests.
  • Now you can change the color of standalone chairs.
  • Guest names are a bit easier to read on seats when displaying full name instead of initials.


  • Guests can now be grouped into any size of party, and you can name guest groups.
  • Guests can have any number of unnamed guests paired with them.
  • Guest‘s plus ones can be independently marked attending or seated at different tables than the primary guest.

Guest list:

  • Display the guest list by table, party, or no grouping at all.
  • New bulk actions let you modify multiple guests at once with attendance, seating, or delete.


  • Add option to bottom of library to add custom item to library.
  • Zoom in and out buttons positioned next to the sidebar, instead of on top of it on macOS.
  • Drag and drop guests from guest list now works on macOS.