July 11th 2023

Beach Umbrella and Bulk guest actions

Release notes

  • New umbrella item!
  • More bulk guest actions. Quickly select multiple guests mark them as VIP, child, attending, not attending.
  • More actions available from the toolbar on larger displays.
  • Photo customization available on larger displays.
  • Edit event name from the titlebar on newer devices.
  • Use a border to indicate hover / focus state instead of changing the item background.
  • Remember which library and guest list sections have been closed across launches.
  • Add various polish and animation to guest list and other places.
  • Add swipe actions on event task list to quickly delete or change the status.
  • Update UI for adding new custom items and the feedback form.
  • Fix bug stack position move forward or backwards wouldn’t work after copying an item or in rare other cases.
  • Fix rotation field to open an alert to edit text on smaller displays.
  • Fix bug where referral code may not appear for some users.
  • Fix some UI glitches when quickly viewing membership options.
  • Fix custom item image wasn’t updated on floor plan immediately after changing image.