Event Floor Plan Collaboration is here!

Work together on your events, our new App Icon, display preferences.

Event Collaboration

Event collaboration is here! This long-requested feature allows you to work together with friends, family, vendors, clients, or your team.

Now you can collaborate on your events with other people via Seat Puzzle

Working Together

Share an event with one or more people so that everyone can contribute to the design and seating chart.

You can also share a read-only version of the event if you’d just like to loop someone else in on your plans. Perfect for wedding planners or event coordinators sharing work-in-progress or a copy of the plan with other vendors.

Other Release Notes

The new display preferences page shows you a preview of how your tables will look on your floor plan

Display Preferences

A new display preferences page lets you control exactly how you want your event to appear. Find options like how much detail to show on items and seated guest, toggle the grid, and more. We added a table preview to see your changes right away.
  • We’ve refreshed our logo and branding. Our new modernized app icon should show up right away on your device.

The New App Icon

Our all new App Icon
  • We’ve fixed an issue where event thumbnails would occasionally disappear or go blank.