Faster item placements

Place items with a single tap and design your floor plan faster than ever.

July 4nd Release Notes

We made a change to how items are placed on your floor plan. Previously, you would have to open the item library, tap an item, and then tap on your floor plan where you wanted to place it.

Now, when you tap an item from the library it will be placed automatically in the center of your floor plan, and Seat Puzzle will switch to editing mode for you so you can quickly move it where you want or edit any properties.

We also fixed two important issues:

  • Fix issue with dimensions so that sizes are displayed correctly instead of with extra decimal places e.g. “3.01ft” should now appear as “3ft”.
  • Fix issue where items placed near the edges of your floor plan could sometimes be moved into the center. This would occur when the items were rotated and placed near the edge.