Seating Charts for Birthday Parties

Decide where to put a gift table, design your room, and keep track of RSVPs

Planning a birthday bash? Let Seat Puzzle simplify things. Our app's got your back with straightforward room styling options, gift table positioning, and RSVP overviews. It's about getting the fun of party planning back on track, minus the fuss.

About Birthdays

Throwing a birthday bash should be all about the excitement and celebrations, not the stress of party planning. That's where Seat Puzzle steps in, simplifying every aspect of your event setup so you can get back to enjoying the process. With user-friendly design features, efficient guest list management, and intuitive layout tools, Seat Puzzle is your go-to app for orchestrating the perfect birthday party.

Effortless Room Styling Options

Our visual layout editor lets you design your room setup with ease. Whether you're organizing a kid's party in your backyard or a milestone birthday in a lavish venue, Seat Puzzle provides you with a variety of room styling options. You can customize your space to perfect every corner, from the dance area to chill-out zones, ensuring your party vibe is on point.

Gift Table Positioning Made Easy

Seat Puzzle takes the guesswork out of accommodating those generous gifts. With smart gift table positioning tools, you can choose the ideal spot for your gift table—somewhere convenient for guests but also complementary to your party decor. This thoughtful placement means the birthday star won't miss out on a single display of affection.

Stay On Top of Your Guest List

RSVPs can be a handful, but not with Seat Puzzle. Our RSVP overview feature helps you manage who's coming, who might need a bit of extra nudging, and who’s already confirmed. Got some people with special dietary needs? No problem. Seat Puzzle lets you keep track of meal preferences and other guest-specific details with its detailed guest management functionality.

Planning That's Actually Fun

We believe that party planning should be enjoyable, not overwhelming. That's why Seat Puzzle is all about giving you the tools to bring the fun back into organizing your event. Play around with different floor plans, experiment with color schemes, and immerse yourself in the creative process without the typical party-planning headaches.

A Talented Assistant at Your Fingertips

Seat Puzzle is more than an app—it's your personal party planning assistant. With features tailored to streamline every stage of the process, it's like having an expert by your side. Seat Puzzle ensures your birthday bash comes together flawlessly, leaving you to focus on what truly matters—celebrating another fabulous year of life.


Ready to plan a birthday party that will have your guests raving for years to come? Look no further than Seat Puzzle, the app designed to turn your birthday bash into a relaxed, enjoyable, and unforgettable event. Say goodbye to the fuss and let Seat Puzzle help you usher in the next year with joyous celebration.