January 17th 2023

Major update with floor plan templates and custom seating layouts

Release notes

Two major features included in this release, Floor Plan Templates and Custom Table Seating!

  • New: Floor Plan Templates! Create a template of your venue setup so it can easily be reused across different events.
  • New: Customized seating at tables! Say exactly how many seats you’d like on each side of a table.
  • New: Rooms can now be round!
  • Improvements to floor plan gestures. Moving items should be easier, especially when moving small items. Easier to use rotation controls.
  • Add undo / redo buttons on larger displays.
  • Support larger maximum sizes of many items such as bar and food tables.
  • Fix rendering of rotated items.
  • Fix issue displaying item size on rotated items.
  • Fix issue with copying too many items.