Happy New Year 2024! Enjoy this update full of bug fixes and performance improvements

Rotated item resizing, full-height sheets on macOS, and loaders for progress. Copy event performance improvements and bug fixes.

Release Notes

  • Length-only items now resize correctly only on the left or right.
  • Major change to enable resizing rotated items correctly.
  • Fix an issue where a visible sheet disappears automatically in place of another one.
  • Sheets on macOS should always be full-height.
  • Add missing close button to some sheets on macOS.
  • Maintain item size if possible when changing styles, e.g. square to rectangle instead of resetting to default values.
  • Allow long-press an item directly into a panning gesture to move the item around the floor plan.
  • Add loaders to indicate progress on various processes such as copying an event.
  • Performance improvements to copy event.
  • Fix bug on macOS where arrow keys would not work when focused on a text field.
  • Copying an item will not place the item outside of the bounds of your floor plan.
  • Drop support for iOS 15.