Event Party Planning This Holiday Season

Behind the Scenes: A Data Peek at Holiday Party Plan Sharing

With the holidays fast approaching, Seat Puzzle usage shifts towards social event planning. This includes categories like holiday parties, company events, and smaller gatherings of friends and family. Event planners reach for the same tools to make table configurations, floor plans, and guest lists.

This week let’s take a look at some of the data of holiday event planning.

Guest Lists vs Floor Plans

Guest Lists are smaller for holiday events but the floor plan stays the same size

While floor plans stay at a relatively fixed size, the average holiday party guests list is considerably smaller than a wedding held at the same time of the year.

In fact, guest lists for holiday parties are about half the size of a wedding, despite occupying some of the same venue and floor plan configurations.


Holiday Parties Don’t use meal plans by 1/5th the amount

Wedding Planning involves RSVPs and tracking attendance, meals, and +1s. This proves in contrast to holiday parties, where meal tracking is only 1/5th as popular.

How do People Share?

Most people share screenshots and PDFs

PDF and Screenshot are by far the most popular and evenly split regardless of event type.

Events with larger guest lists tend to share spreadsheets, but the visual floor plan is key for everyone.

Screenshots are particularly popular for sharing on social media and posting to wedding websites. PDFs are more popular when printing for offline use, such as during table setup or for ushers to aid with helping guests find their seat.

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Happy Thanksgiving!