2023 Wedding Season Insights - Guest Lists, Seating Charts, and Popular Decor Trends

Trends from the summer 2023 wedding season

Today we’re sharing some of the data and wedding trends we observed over the 2023 season. We hope this helps offer insights to guide your own wedding planning journey.

Here’s our breakdown:

Wedding Guest Lists

What was the average size of wedding guest lists this season?

Distribution of guest lists during the 2023 wedding season

People started with guest lists with 108 guests on average

At the end of planning, guest lists were pared down to 93 guests on average

People typically start their wedding planning with a longer guest list, and pair it down over the course of planning as budgets are finalized and RSVPs come in.

Seating Charts and Tables

A crucial aspect of wedding planning is the seating arrangement. How did our users tackle this challenge?

Guests seated at 4 different tables with different centerpieces

The average user of Seat Puzzle placed and rearranged 143 guests at tables

The average floor plan had 17 objects placed including tables and decorations

Surprisingly, we found people placed over 13 tables on their floor plan

It's common to move guests around between tables and seats, finding just the right configuration given all of the constraints your guests may have.

The Most Popular Floor Objects Used This Season

Between couples and professionals, what were the most common floor plan items?

The most common items used during the summer of 2023 wedding planning season included dj booths, dance floors, flooring, and dessert tables

Aside from tables and chairs, among couples the most popular items to place on floor plans were Dance floors, Food and Drink, DJ Booths, Flowers, and Text and Arrows

Professional planners tended to use more Custom items, Rooms, Flowers, Wedding Cakes and Dessert, and Flooring like water, grass, and wood

Couples tended to focus on tables and seating charts, while professionals design a more fully-featured floor plan with a variety of decoration to really visualize the event.

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