Add Your Own Wedding Countdown Widget

Seat Puzzle provides countdown widgets as well as widgets to summarize your event details at a glance. Count the days until your big event with a widget on your home screen or desktop! This is a collection of examples of the Seat Puzzle widgets used across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

iPhone Widget Setup and Examples

Countdown widget example on the widget preview screen

Edit your Home Screen to see the available Seat Puzzle Widgets.

Example configuration of a Seat Puzzle countdown widget

Setup your widget by selecting your event and one of the optional themes.

The orange theme with a countdown widget
A grayscale themed event summary widget

Seat Puzzle provides a neutral simple theme, a grayscale theme, as well as a bolder orange theme.

Use the event list widget to see your most recent event details at a glance

The event list widget is great for professionals who want to stay on top of several events they are planning at once.

Lock Screen countdown widget example

Lastly, you can add your countdown right on your Lock Screen in two different sizes.

Mac Desktop Widget

The Seat Puzzle widget also works great on the Mac! Add your widget directly to your Desktop, or in your widget sidebar.

Countdown widget on your Mac desktop

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